Marutomo Dry Bonito Fish Powder Hondashi Made In Japan _1kg

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Hon Dashi is made from premium dried bonito or seaweed essence combined with other ingredients.
Popular in Japanese Cuisine/restaurants, in the preparation of all type of dishes.

Hon Dashi (original flavour) is made primarily from Skipjack Tuna (also known as Bonito) that is dried into blocks. Hon Dashi pellets are a very versatile ingredient that makes whatever you’re cooking, be it a soup, stew or risotto taste better without distracting the palate from the primary flavours of your recipe. If you’ve ever had miso soup and wondered what makes it taste so good, its not the miso, but the dashi stock that the soup is made from.

Salt, Dried Bonito Tuna, contains 2% of less of yeast extract, Bonito Tuna Extract, Sugar