Hong Kong DAI PAI DONG Instant Hong Kong Milk Tea/Yuan Yang 3in1/2in1 香港大排檔港式奶茶 奶茶/鸳鸯 3合1 /2合1

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In Hong Kong during the 1950s and 1960s, Dai Pai Dong were famous sidewalk food stalls. They were arranged in rows along the roadsides, serving a variety of cuisines. The most notable are the Dai Pai Dong style coffee and tea. They had a distinct scent and were silky smooth. Dai Pai Dong Instant Milk Tea Mix is prepared with the highest-quality tea, coffee, milk, and sugar and is designed for consumers' convenience.
Set aside for 5 mins for a better taste.

在 1950 年代和 1960 年代的香港,大排檔是著名的路邊小吃攤。 他們沿著路邊排成一排,供應各種美食。 最引人注目的是大牌檔的咖啡和茶。 它們具有獨特的香味,並且非常順滑。 大牌檔速溶奶茶粉採用最優質的茶、咖啡,牛奶和糖製成,專為方便消費者而設計。