Bowl Soup _ Support your lungs soup 煲湯 _ 頂你個肺湯 Supporting Covid Recovery 130g

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Bowl Soup _ Support your lungs soup

Know anyone that has Covid? Show your care for them now!
Want a healthy drink that nourishes your lung after getting Covid? Look no further!
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Bowl Soup’ means to cook a soup in Cantonese. Soup is a large part of the Chinese culture as it brings many health benefits together in a dish. Benefits such a clearing ‘heatiness’, nourishing the lungs and replenishing of ‘qi’.

As different ingredients have different effects, there is a study to match each of these ingredients to bring out the best potential for each of them. If ingredients are not mixed well properly, they may have no effect at all or even bring out negative effects which may not do the body any good.

Support-your-lungs Soup is made with 6 premium dry ingredients hand picked to nourish your lungs.
These include: American figs, apricot kernels, snow pear flakes, persimmon, sea coconut and organic white fungus.
1. American figs
Nourishes lungs and relieves cough

2. Apricot kernels
Antitussive and anti-asthmatic
3. Snow pear flakes
Resolve phlegm and relieve cough

4. Dried persimmon
Nourishes heart and lungs
5. Sea coconut flakes
Nourishes lungs and relieves cough

6. Organic white fungus
Nourishes lungs and stomach

How to enjoy it
1. Take a photo of all the ingredients and share it on your social media!
2. Leave the ingredients in the tea-bag and rinse it a few times.
3. For the white fungus and dried persimmon, please follow the labels.
4. Fill 2 bags to the above line.
5. On medium-heat, boil all the ingredients 40 minutes with the lid on.
6. 2 servings is now be ready for consumption.
7. Enjoy!

Per pack is enough for 2-3 serving, recommended to prepare it in the morning and save 1 serving for the night.
Continue for 5 days for better outcome.

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身邊有親友感染了 Covid 嗎? 現在就表達你對他們的關心!
想要一種在感染 Covid 後潤肺湯的湯包?

煲湯”是粵語中煮湯的意思。 湯是中國文化的重要組成部分,因為它在一道菜中融合了許多健康益處。 有益於清“熱”、養肺、補“氣”。

由於不同的成分具有不同的效果,因此有一項研究將這些成分中的每一種進行匹配,以發揮它們各自的最佳潛力。 如果成分沒有正確混合,它們可能根本沒有效果,甚至會帶來負面影響,對身體沒有任何好處。

「頂」你個肺湯由 6 種精選的優質乾原料製成,可滋養您的肺部。




1. 拍下所有食材的照片並分享到您的社交媒體上!
2. 將材料留在茶包中,沖洗幾遍。
3. 銀耳和柿餅請按照標籤指示。
4. 將 2 袋水加到上面的線。
5. 中火,打开鍋蓋,將所有材料煮沸 40 分鐘。
6. 2碗份量現在可以食用了。
7. 安心食用!

每包足夠 2-3 份,建議早上煮沸,晚上留 1 份享用。
連續5 天以獲得更好的結果。