Snugfood Cooking Paste - Penang Satay Marinade Paste/ Satay Sauce/ Hokkien Noodles / Nasi Lemak Sambal 200G [HALAL]

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Penang Satay Marinade Paste (200g)
Best Before Date: 1st July 2022
The mere mention of satay brings about images of perfectly skewered pieces of meat being roasted over a barbeque fire. With Snugfoods Penang satay paste you can achieve the same results using a regular frying pan with our carefully designed satay marinate paste that packs a punch in terms of flavour and aroma. Making satay has never been made easier.

Satay Sauce (200g)
Best Before Date: 1st March 2022
Penang satay is nothing without it's peanut sauce. Our brand of satay sauce comes with peanuts already inside in order to save on your preparation time. Derived from a family recipe, this product comes packed full of flavour.

Penang Prawn Hokkien Mee Paste (200g)
Best Before Date: 15th March 2022
One of Penang's most popular dishes and definitely a staple diet of the islanders. Our Penang Prawn Hokkien Mee paste maintains the authentic flavour of Penang Hokkien mee while being easy to use. By following the simple instructions laid out, anyone can now make this dish from home. The end result will be a home-cooked tasting dish themed after Penang that your entire family will love.

Nasi Lemak Sambal (200g)
Best Before Date: 15th May 2022
Snugfood Nasi Lemak Sambal is ready to use sambal that complements well with nasi lemak, laksa or prawn noodles. A good nasi lemak recipe is not to be taken lightly. it should have an amazing quality, texture, flavour, and the right ingredients. Critical to it, is the sambal (cooked chilli paste). This fragrant and spicy sauce or sambal is also versatile and able to be used like all of our products for all your other cooking needs too like making seafood sambal for example. With our versatile products, your cooking needs are kept simple and no cooking skills are required. The end results are always the same which is an " awesome tasting meal".